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Welcome to Arenaa Hotels Group!

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Arenaa Hotels Group consists of various hotel categories with interesting
concept and pricing. The company also owns and manages all its hotels. From affordable boutique to luxurious,
Arenaa Hotels Group has it all.

The identity of each hotel is represented by designs and themes that highlights
its very own unique story. Contemporary design and traditional elements of art is creatively combined in all
perspective thus creating a new era in hotel design, reflecting the hotel locality and personal choice of
the owner.

The overall style projection of Arenaa Hotels Group is a refreshing, accessible and comfortable stay
experience as one's own living space, with an emphasis on plush, attentive service and recognition.
Making its debut with Arenaa Deluxe Boutique hotel Melaka back in 2009, the group has now established
four hotels. With more ‘opening soon’, the group is expecting a continuous growth with a targeted
of over fifteen hotels in the next project list to open.

“To become the most distinguished Hotels Group in creating a luxurious and boutique accommodation. Characterized by intricate and beautiful theme designs with modern furnishing, we set the best quality and value to an affordable price for total guest satisfaction”   

“We bring surprises and craft the most enriching stay experience. We present it with our sense of passion to delight and a devotion to serve. We treat with a fashionable modern comfort and a tinge of local culture” 


                CORPORATE PROFILES

Welcome to Arenaa Hotels Group